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Thermohydraulic sector

Oil, fuel oil, emulsions, non-mineralized water, diathermic oil, petrol, liquid gas, water inside solar panels circuits.

Varnish industry

Water varnish, varnish and solvent, solvents, inks.

Chemical industry
Acetates, acids, adhesives, additives, alcohol, starch, ammonia, wax, glue, detergents, hexane, freon, fat, isocynate, liquid insulators, latex, paraffin, polyol, resin, soap, shampoo, acid/basic solutions, liquid silicone, solvents.

Food industry

Yoghurt, melted butter, melted cheese, margarine, flavouring, fruit juice, chocolate, olive oil, fats, marmelade. 



Paper industry
Glue, adhesives, colorants, cellulose.
Tool machinery industry
Cutting oil, emulsions.
Wood machinery industry
Glue, adhesives, colorants.
Industrial refrigerators sector
Oil with ammonia trace, oil and freon, freon.
Naval industry
Fuel oil, foam extinguisher, oil for bronze contruction.
Pharmaceutical sector
Liquid paste and cream, syrup, small autoclaves for sterilization supplying.
Agricultural sector
Irrigation and disinfestation systems.
Cosmetic sector
Liquid cream, essence, aroma, liquid soap, toothpaste, shower gel, lotion.
Fire alarm systems sector
High pressure foam extinguishers.
Road maintenance machinery sector
Bitumen emulsions, bitumen, tar.
Concrete sector
Pumping/dosage of additives for concrete.
Double glass machinery sector
Silicone, rubber, additives.
Industrial floor washing machinery
Water nebulization, saponified water.
Paint machinery industry
Paint, varnish, pigments.
Plant sector
All the liquids mentioned above.
Cucchi gear pumps are suitable for every liquid free from solid suspension of 1 to 100.000 cps viscosity.
In case of products in a solid state in room teperature (cream, wax, fat, etc.), the pumps can be equipped with a pre-heating chamber suitable for hot water, steam and diathermic oil.
All the pumps can become metering pumps through the use of engine drives, inverter or servo control of both electric and pneumatic type.
All the liquids listed in chemical industry sector are detectable during both production cycle and utilization stage. For example, glue and adhesives are used in Paper industry sector to provide the coating head in the adhesive tape production.
One of the Cucchi water gear pumps has been adopted by Autodelta Alfa Romeo for F1 8 cylinder turbo engine.





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