The design is entrusted to a staff of engineers equipped with the latest generation of CAD workstations continuously updated according to the evolution of the programs.

progettazione cad pompe industriali


Pompe Cucchi introduced a new 18-pallet numerical control machining center capable of working 24 hours a day, even unmanned, as it uses a supervisory software for the management, control and integration of MCM production systems.

This machine, having a robotized stock of 400 tools and a supervisor of the latest generation, has the following advantages for production:

  • increasing the system’s productivity
  • making sure that the delivery dates of orders agreed upon with customers are met
  • production flexibility by choosing to switch from one machining to another in real time
  • improving the quality of the product
  • high precision and repeatability in machining.

The significant technical features of this numerical control center are:

  • X axis stroke = 1,200 mm
  • Y axis stroke = 850 mm
  • Z axis stroke = 850 mm
  • Equipment rotation diameter = 1,200 mm
  • X-Z axis rapid feed: 75 m/min
  • Y axis rapid feed: 60 m/min
  • B axis rapid feed: 50 rpm
  • Thrust on the axes: 30,000 N
  • 8,000 rpm ISO50 487Nm 60kW electrospindle
  • Continuous rotary table with 3,600,000 positions
  • Multipallet with 25 630×630 pallets
  • Tool stock with 399 places
  • Fanuc 16i-MB numerical control
  • MCM j-FMX Work Area Supervisor


The continuous development of design and the search for innovative materials has allowed us to manufacture titanium and hastelloy C pumps.

The versions can be differentiated with the assembly of single, double in tandem, double back to back mechanical seals, magnetic drives also in an ATEX version.
We have also developed the insertion of bushings and shims in tungsten carbide and shafts covered with chromium oxide in some types of our N series metering pumps used for metering slightly abrasive products.


New thermochemical treatments.

The new thermochemical treatments have given the gears and shafts of some series of pumps a surface hardness of up to 4000 Vickers, making new applications possible that were considered impossible until a few years ago.


All pumps are hydraulically tested.

The workshop is equipped with a pump testing bench with software that is suitable for measuring, viewing and printing the various hydraulic and electrical parameters.


3D configurator visible in stereoscopy with “passive” glasses

The training of the sales technicians for our distributors or customers who wish to request this service is entrusted to a configuarator with stereoscopic 3D display with “passive” glasses that makes it possible to see the entire view of the pump and an exploded view of it and the assembly and disassembly of all the series of pumps produced by us. This configurator also shows explanatory modules relating to cavitation phenomena and examples of the layout of a metering system.

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